Clark Handling supply a wide range of storage shelving systems, from light duty applications such as office storage systems and kitchens through to more heavy duty applications such as warehousing and stock rooms. 

From individual shelving bays to multi-tier shelving installations, we can supply you the right product for the job. Versatile solutions that allow you to quickly and easily adjust shelf heights, should your needs change.

Stormor Shelving

This is the versatile range of shelving with slim profile shelves and frames which give runs of shelving a neat co-ordinated appearance. This design feature coupled with its range of sizes, upright colour options and comprehensive range of accessories makes Stormor ideal for use in any environment.

Applications include:

  • General office storage   
  • Dedicated office filing solutions
  • Large Archiving Projects
  • Healthcare records
  • Retail storage
  • Workshop and stockrooms
  • Industrial Storage


Examples of shelving
  • Warehouse Mezzanine Floor - The installation of a single or multi-level mezzanine floor greatly expands storage capacity in your warehouse.
  • Production Mezzanine Floor - Our mezzanine floors are popular with production and manufacturing businesses as the drive to increase productivity from existing premises gather pace.
  • Automation Mezzanine Floor - Mezzanine floors are an ideal solution for expanding your automation process. The addition of a single or multi-tiered mezzanine floor can effectively make use of overhead space to accommodate conveyor systems.
  • Office & Storage Mezzanine Floor - Make more use of your unused headroom. We can transform this wasted space into productive office or storage space.
  • Retail Mezzanine Floor - The combination of lightweight construction, and complimentary powder coated paint finish, make a Clark mezzanine ideal for retail environments. Clark Handling can provide everything you need for a functional and cost-effective mezzanine floor, from design through to installation. Taking care of every detail:
  • Staircases for Mezzanine Floor - We'll ensure any staircases not only look the part, but meet with the latest building regulations.

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